Making a Splash – Church Walk Paddling pool, Northwich

It was a hot and muggy Thursday and we had been out and about all day and wanted something to do with the boys during the few hours leading up to dinner time. After 3 years of living in Northwich we finally made it to Church Walk Paddling pool and it was fantastic.


The pool is open to the public during the summer only and is also only open in good weather.

Situated in central Northwich and we parked in the leisure centre car park (no parking charges) and from here it is a 5 min walk to the park and pool.

The pool was revamped in 2016 and so is lovely, new and clean. The pool itself at its deepest point is up to just above adult knee level meaning its great to let toddlers have a wade and there are really shallow areas that would be ideal for little tots to sit in and splash about. In the centre of the pool is a lovely brightly coloured mushroom-shaped fountain which the children can run through (although neither E or M summoned up the courage to run through on this visit). The whole pool is surrounded by non slip surfaces making it safe for excitable little legs to run about. There are bathroom facilities and baby changing on site.


Grassy areas surround the pool making it the perfect place to take a picnic rug and some food. Lucy and I made use of the little kiosk that overlooks the pool and serves basic hot drinks, snacks and ice creams. In between running around after two over excited boys we managed to have a nice cup of tea in the sunshine. We treated the boys to a multicoloured, sugary and cold ice lolly which they loved.


We were so happy to find that the pool was basically empty (it does get quite busy i believe at weekends and during the holidays) and even happier to learn that this pool is free for everyone to use! I was expecting a small entrance fee but it is absolutely free.

Connected to the paddling pool is Church Walk play park. A lovely set of swings, slides, obstacle courses and roundabouts. We found the promise of a go on the swings a very useful way to try to convince the boys to leave the paddling pool when it was time to leave. Although convincing them to leave the play park entirely turned into a battle of wills – toddler verses mother. We won…….. eventually!

I have seen this pool many times on my journey through Northwich but have always been put off by its proximity to a major road. However, the park is fully fenced off so children are perfectly safe and I don’t think I even registered the road whilst I was there. It really was a great find. The boys had a fantastic afternoon and we will definitely be going to back to over the summer.



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