An afternoon walk around Neumann’s Flash and Dairy House Meadows, Northwich

We made a short trip out to a part of Northwich Woodlands this afternoon. This is a large area of countryside just to the North of Northwich town centre. It is made up of 9 countryside areas, all interconnected, and has been created from reclaimed land, which was originally heavily industrialised and connected with Northwich’s salt mining past. We know the area of Marbury park really well and after our lovely day out at Anderton Nature park last month I decided to try to explore more of this woodland on our doorstep.

We parked up in the free parking bay on the B5075 road from Northwich and from here you can walk directly into the park. This whole side of the woodlands is almost completely flat and has gravel paths throughout so it is a perfect walk with a pram.


We started off by walking around Neumanns flash. This is a huge lake and wetlands which is home to all sorts of birds and ducks. We headed down to a bird hide to see what we could spot and E had a great time looking for things. Much to the amusement of the other people in the hide he announced loudly that the could see a tree, a crocodile and a rock. The lake was beautiful today with dramatic dark skies set against the almost turquoise green water. We spent a good 15 minutes just watching the goings ons on the lake.


Walking around the lake was really pretty. There were flowers everywhere, and birds singing in the trees. The whole place smelled of elderflowers and at one point we even walked through a tunnel of elderflower trees which smelt amazing. Unfortunately you can not walk around the water’s edge of the flash but every now and then you get a break in the hedges and a lovely view across the lake.

We could have just done a circular walk around the lake but we were both enjoying being outside so we headed over to Dairy House Meadows.  Everything around the woodland is really well signposted – a real bonus when you are making up a walk as you go along. The Meadows had a completely different feel to the openness of the Flash. Here, the old farmland has been left to go wild and is now covered in wild flowers – very pretty. We found a lovely spot to sit and enjoy a drink and a biscuit.

I’m really glad we came and walked around this part of the Northwich Woods.  This area has a completely different feel to the more familiar old woods of Marbury. This side of the park is much more open, younger looking and does still have an industrial feel to it…… but in the sunshine it is no less beautiful.

After reading Lucy’s post about their family bike ride around york  it has inspired me to try to buy a bike in the near future. This place would be perfect to explore on two wheels as it is a big area and we passed many families out on an afternoons cycle. Maybe we can convince Lucy and M to make a trip over to Cheshire and to bring their bikes! It would be perfect to start at Neumanns Flash and cycle through the park to Anderton boat lift where there is a cafe and toilets and then cycle back again – a possible future adventure for the cousins I think.



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