A Morning at Askham Bryan


Today we haven’t gone too far, M said he wanted to see animals may 17 009so we decided to check out Askham Bryan Wildlife Park which is on the outskirts of York.  It is pretty new and is attached to the college.  It is only open on weekends and holidays so being May half term it was the perfect opportunity.  There is a large car park so plenty of parking.  The building is pretty impressive and we found our first encounter with nature in the form of a beautiful metal sculpture of a zebra.

It is £6.95 for an adult and £4.95 for a child, I decided to buy a season pass which is £18, there is no card reader at the moment so bring cash with you.  There is baby change in the entrance and a little Costa Coffee cafe which serves all the usual hot drinks and cakes.

may 17 007

may-17-039.jpgThere is a wide range of animals to see.  The first area is inside and is a wildlife of the world corridor.  M loved the turtles in the first tank and would of stayed there all the time if I let him.  There were fish and frogs, lizards and snakes.  There was even a small nocturnal area may-17-044.jpgwith armadillos and a very cute little thing called a sugar glider.  We went to a bug talk and got to hold some creepy crawlies, well I did, M was busy climbing up and down stairs.  I got to hold a stick insect, stroke a cockroach and look at a giant land snail.  There are a number of talks and meet the animal events throughout the day, something for everyone.

may 17 008

may-17-019.jpgIt is a really lovely place to spend a couple of hours.  It is may 17 017small but full of beautiful places to walk see all the animals.  We spent a bit of time with the kalahari kats which are always entertaining. There are alpacas, wallabies, raccoons, skunks and birds.  There is a lovely range of animals to see and even when they are in their enclosures there a large windows to see inside so you are never disappointed.

may 17 013

may 17 033Wandering around, there are beautiful mature may 17 034trees and gorgeous flowers at the moment.  It is a great place to play hide and seek with big tree trunks to hide behind and run around.  We also found a little play park which made M very happy.  There are climbing frames, swings and slides so I could have a peaceful few minutes enjoying the peaceful surroundings while M was happily running around.

may 17 015

I think we will make the most of our season ticket as it is so close and such a lovely place to wander.  It is all completely pram friendly and there were several childminder groups while we were there with multiple double buggy’s. If you only have a couple of hours it is the perfect place to visit.



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