A walk around Lymm Dam

The weather yesterday was quite damp and so we ended up indoors all day. I don’t know about you, bit I get a bit / a lot of cabin fever being stuck inside all day, especially with an energetic toddler to entertain. So today, as it had stopped raining we decided to have an early lunch and head on out to a nearby park for an afternoons walk. A friend had recommended this park over a year ago but we had never made a visit until today.

We headed over to Lymm Dam which is situated in the village of Lymm just a 30 minute drive from Northwich. The dam was built in the 1800’s and was created to facilitate the building of the current A56. The dam was built across a valley which had a stream running through it and as a result a large lake was created behind.


As you head into Lymm there are lots of signs for the dam and we parked next to the church in a free car park (you’ve got to love a free car park in this day and age).


The dam and surrounding woods are just beautiful at the moment. Access from the car park takes you down a pretty wooded path to the lake side. All of the trees are now showing their full spring leaves, from giant old oak trees with their young granny smith green coloured leaves to huge beech trees with leaves the colour of chocolate. So many colours, made even better by the fact the sun decided to make an appearance.


The paths around the dam are easy access and so we took our pram with us. There were a few steps from  the car park down to the lake side that I had to take E out of the pram for however for the main part its was all smooth paths. I would be happy taking E in the pram by myself.


 The path around the dam is a circular walk and is about 1.5 miles in total which is perfect for families. There are additional woods to explore away from the dam to make the walk a bit longer and everything is really well signposted. There were no toilets in the car park but I did notice a public toilet on the bridge across the dam (on the A56) – it did look like one of those that you have to pay for and I am not sure if there was baby changing facilities available.


Half way around we decided to stop and have our obligatory coffee and biscuit / juice and gingerbread men. As I have said before, of my favourite things to do is to get coffee and cake from a lovely cafe, but lately my other half has convinced me into packing up a thermos of coffee into the rucksack and just finding a nice sunny (ideally) spot somewhere along the walk to stop and have a rest. We found a lovely bench under the trees overlooking the lake.


I have to say, I am really coming around to having my coffee on the go. Not only does it let you save the pennies, but it’s so nice on a sunny day to sit out and watch the world go by. Most importantly E is much happier outside. I find that if I’m in a cafe, more often than not I end up trying to encourage him to eat more cake or biscuits in a desperate attempt to get him to sit still for 10 mins longer so I can finish my scolding hot drink. If we find a bench somewhere then when he has finished his snack and drink he can wander about and amuse himself with sticks, rocks, snails, puddles or whatever else takes his fancy. Don’t get me wrong, if i see a nice cafe i will be the first one in there, but i think i am going to mix things up from now on.


The woods were so peaceful with birds singing in the trees and lovely flowers everywhere. After a rainy day being cooped up in side yesterday this lovely walk was exactly what I needed. The walk was perfect for E to run about and explore in safety. What made the walk even better was that we ended up bumping into the friend who recommended the walk to us over a year ago. Her little one is the same age as E and the boys had a lovely time chasing each other around the woods. We will definitely be making this place one of our usual walks.



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