A Bug Hunt To Cubbington Woods


April 2017 653

We have been off on our travels slightly further afield than Yorkshire this week.  We set off for a trip to the south coast neat Portsmouth for the week.  Roof box strapped on and bags packed we started on a week of adventure and exploration of new places. My little one is very used to long car journeys as his grandparent live a six hour car ride away down in Devon, but some journeys are too long to do in one day.  Luckily my in-laws live right in the middle of the country near to Leamington Spa so it is the perfect stop over for us and M gets to see his grandparents.

april-2017-631.jpgThis morning we took advantage of the sunny weather and with magnifying glass in hand we went for a walk to Cubbington Woods to explore. It is not suitable for prams as it goes over farmland and uneven paths in the woods but it is not a long walk, a mile at most and with lots of stops.  A perfect sling walk for a younger baby as well.

We walked up past the primary school and the playground, spotted very quickly by M, and which he would not be forgetting, and we did visit on our return jouney!  There is also a pub, The Queens Head where we started our walk near the primary school.  With the anticipation of finding some beetles and other bugs we carried on walking through the fields towards the woods.

Glass in hand M ran around, looking at flowers, grass and holes in the ground. I spent my time eyes on the ground looking for any slight movement that might indicate a potential creature to spy.  We found some beautiful iridescent beetles, spiders, flying bugs and a couple of butterflies which M found very exciting.  A trip to the library is in order to get a bug book perhaps.

April 2017 651

When we got to the woods, they were amazing, a sea of bluebells under the trees and the sun dappling on the ground. It was perfect, though as the proposed route for HS2, it may not be here for much longer but we will enjoy it for the present. M was in his element, running around picking up sticks,  smelling flowers and walking along fallen logs, with a hand from mummy.  He chose a nice log to sit on and have a snack, a drink and take time to admire the world around (for me anyway). A picnic would of been great to have with a bit more time.



April 2017 647M got very excited at the idea of building a den so we wandered off the beaten track and found a great spot with lots of fallen branches to create our masterpiece.  M, assisted by mummy and grandfarth, built a brilliant den, M even took some sticks from the back to create a backdoor, an architect in the making?  It was really fun, something that I haven’t done since I was very little, when Emma and I built a lot of dens. Having children allows you do do so many things that you wouldn’t think of doing other wise, though I think more adults should build dens and let the child within loose once in a while.

 It was a really lovely morning spent getting back to nature. Days, hours or minutes out with your children can be free and simple and this morning was just that.

April 2017 649



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