A daffodil walk on a gloomy day


It has been gloriously sunny all week and as usual i have been admiring the weather from my air conditioned, crowded office, wishing i was out on a walk or exploring somewhere new. As is always the case, as soon as i am off work, the sun is replaced with thick cloud and gloom.

Determined to make the most of it we headed to a local Daffodil farm for a short walk, in the hope that sunny yellow daffodils would counteract the grey Cheshire skies. About this time every year i always notice the road signs for the daffodil walk but have never actually made a visit.

The pretty farm is tucked away down a quiet country lane in Whitegate, just a 15 minute drive from Northwich – it feels like this place could be a million miles away it is so peaceful. The farm grows daffodils commercially but is open to visitors for a few weeks during the year and all the proceeds go to Macmillan Cancer Support. It is only £2 for Adults and £1 for children.

The walk is only 3/4 of a mile across fields and paths. My little one has just turned 2 and is at the stage where he wants to be carried everywhere (even though he can walk just fine) so i thought that this would be a good opportunity to test out those little walking legs. I managed to get him all excited in the car about seeing lots of big yellow daffodils –  so with a little trepidation I left the pram in the car.

Armed with a map of the walk (given to you on arrival) we set off around the pretty little farm. Apart from the first section that takes you down a quite lane the walk takes you over wooden tracks and grassy fields.


I was a bit worried that we had left our visit too late and that the daffodils would be past their best. The first section of the walk took us down a pretty little valley that a week ago would have been a riot of yellows and sunny oranges but was now just dappled with the last sunny daffodils. However, as soon as we climbed the hill into the next section we were rewarded with the most gorgeous fields of golden flowers.


My little one had a great time running across the fields with the occasional stop to drop to his knees and sniff the odd flower or two to see if they smelled. As well as a map of the walk we got given a fairy trail where we had to look for different types of fairies dotted around the walk and then tick them off our list / scribble all over the paper and break the pencil – he loved it. It all ended at a lovely old oak tree where you could ring a bell and summon the fairies so you could make a wish. Very cute but my little one was a bit too young to get this but he had great fun ringing the bell regardless.


We finished up the walk at the little make shift cafe where they had a lovely selection of homemade cakes to buy. After much deliberation we went for a slice of chocolate cake to share, although it think i got at most a quarter of the cake as it was devoured at break neck speed by my little one.


I would definitely recommend this walk for parents with toddlers – just the right length to attempt without a pram (could potentially do this with a pram but there is a flight of steps and i’m guessing the field could get pretty muddy in wet weather), and enough to keep them interested all the way around. Will definitely try and make this an annual visit.


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